ISIS chan for Malaysia

yay! Thank you. Isis-chan, how many people have joined in your online cause so far? What are the results of your campaign?

Dear Malaysia

Not grasp.too many ppl join us. and in twitter, Southeast Asia followers about 20%

ISIS will be changed to Moe must by the ISIS chan.

All supporters who accept our guideline are our family. Our role is hub of global ISIS chan supporters who share our vision.

Anyone is ISIS chan family when they touch ISIS chan, so you are already a part of us!

We are designed as content which disrupts to the ISIS propaganda through "enjoy" and "easy" way.

Participants can freedom draw a picture, favorite pic has been spreading.
Danger is less and simple.

We hope
・Arousing or holding the attention for terrorism icon.
・Replaces the meaning of ISIS.

In this way also are talking with you is one of the achievements.
Enough to be if it is news, pollution proceed.

Please see the wiki.

join us. Twitter:

⊂('ω'⊂ )))Σ≡=─ Project ISISchan

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