ISIS chan Interview

mainly amateur painters, all over the world.(Compared to anonymous)
and Including anime freak.
but anonymous are also ordinary people.

In reality, we cannot count because this project is open to everyone.
When a painter found us and draw new illustration and he or she post new one with #isischan, it becomes new ISIS chan picture. At least,
we count over 3000

2: Our supporters are in all over the world. Also they are uncountable.

3:All over the world. Our supporters are mainly in East Asia, southEast Asia, middle east, western countries, and past Soviet union nations.
Our guide line is translated in 5 languages.

4: Any internet tool. All World Wide Web is our battle field.

5: Our target is exclude all cruel pictures about ISIS propaganda from the search result of google.
And we want to change the meaning of the term "ISIS" terrorist to cute character.
We hope
・ Spreading.
・ Arousing or holding the attention for terrorism icon.
・ Replaces the meaning of ISIS.
We keep looking for the means for its

6: That is why, we have been at the process to get success.

7: Harassment. In early part of our project, ISIS regard us as joke. But now, their response become more cowardly.

started from Japan 2ch(the origin of 4chan / Internet users
We are NoName, anonymous. We are collective intelligence.

We don't know the average age. Adult and teenager.

Moe anthropomorphism
The childish and cutesy characteristic seen in many anime and manga.
kawaii, cute, favorite, like, love.
Emotions, feelings and expressions.
that all is moe

We are weaponized meme. Fatally cute.

We hope that our intention is diffused.
It maybe a ISISchan and others, increase opportunity and meme to merrily to Laugh off propaganda.
And "Do not despair" - like a Chaplin "dictator".

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